Diaphorase from Clostridium sp.

Diaphorase from Clostridium sp.

Product Code: 172619

EC no:     1.6.99

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EC 1.6.99

Product name: NAD(P)H: (acceptor) oxidoreductase

Appearance: Yellowish amorphous powder, lyophilized

Activity: Grade III, 30 U/mg-solid or more (containing approx. 15%

Contaminants: Myokinase: ≤ 5.0×10-1%, NAD(P)H oxidase: ≤ 5.0×10-1%

Stabilizers: FMN, NAD(P)H

Stability: Stable at – 20 °C for at least one year

Molecular weight: Approx. 24,000

Michaelis constants: 2.0×10-5 M (NADH), 6.0×10-6 M (NADPH)

Structure: One mol of FMN per mol of enzyme

Inhibitors: N-Ethylmaleimide

Optimum pH: 8.5

Optimum temperature: 50℃

pH Stability: pH 7.5 (30℃, 3hr)

Thermal stability: Below 30 ℃ (pH 7.5, 30min)

Substrate specificity: Either NADH or NADPH can be used as a reductant. The
catalytic ratio (NADPH/NADH) is 0.6 in the assay method.
Neither oxygen nor cytochrome C can be utilized as a
hydrogen acceptor.